EXPEDITIONS @ All-Of-Africa-In-One-Country

We are operators born and raised on the country, and have worked in the local tourism industry for more than 30 years.

We offer the most comprehensive, excellent, and comfortable tours in Cameroon, for value and price. We have THE lowest rates too, as the actual Cameroon team!

Come see Cameroon, all of Africa in miniature, with Cameroon Travel and Tours!

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Safe and Award-Winning Tour Operators

Our operators, suppliers, and guides are the safest, best-reviewed, most established, and professional in the business. We will deliver you a better value trip than anything you can find online or in the market.

Our head guide is the President of The Association of Tourist Guides of Cameroon, the Central Africa and East Africa appointed representative for the World Federation of Tourist Guides Assoc., and a licensed lawyer and professional Cameroon-wide guide with the largest wealth of experience, including exclusive supplier for Intrepid Travel, and the largest organizations for Adventure Travel on the web!

Visas & Trip Insurance

Our Cam Team facilitates comprehensive custom travel for all topics and interests in Cameroon, from film crews to sports fans to manga maniacs to extended families. Contact us for more details.